Hey There, I’m Carrie

Born and raised in North Carolina, I've lived ALL over the state, literally. I currently find myself residing in the rural farmland of Louisburg, right outside of Raleigh, NC. I'm a social butterfly who simultaneously craves alone time to settle my mind from the hustle and bustle of life. Personality-wise, I'm half type A and half type B which means I love to have rules and I love to break rules. It's true...I'm totally a walking paradox. You can find me spending most of my time with the two men in my life: my handsome husband and our equally handsome little guy. I'm also pretty open about loving all of the following: Jesus & the Christian faith, my family, people  from all walks of life, history, political talk radio, all things glittery, PDQ lemonade, big views of the sky, and always, always, always the Mets.

My philosophy on what I do

This quote by Sam Abell expresses my philosophy perfectly..."Essentially what photography is, is life lit up." I believe every element of life has purpose. The joyous elements, the tough elements, the easy circumstances and the hard. Even the everyday ordinary has beauty and purpose that lies within. It's my goal to share this with my families. It's my goal to document your story and to help you see it in a way that reminds you of the beauty and purpose of it all...to show your "life lit up."